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Suburbia's summer fiction and poetry contest is open to submissions! For this contest, it's broadly themed, however, we do tend to examine submissions that will explore or dig into our mission statement: houses and the people in and outside of them, neighborhoods and their definitions and re-definitions, the destruction and re-construction of familiar conflicts and places, and the strange absurdities of the modern era we exist inside.


Send us any and all excellent literary pieces. Just know we define "literary" as: settings that are as rich as any real ecosystem; characters so complex and sparking with energy they could be a power station; conflicts that reveal a new shade of human, and prose that re-defines language.  

No matter the genre, if your writing connects with any of the above, then we'd love to read it (especially magical realism; that just hits different). 

(Not so subtle hint: Reading our previous contest winners and free issues may give you a ladder up on the competition). 

Things and people we've been thinking about that we'd also love to see submissions in the style of: Dream Work, K-Ming Chang, LapvonaEverything Everywhere All At Once, gun violence, Stranger Things, war, people that turn into plants and plants that turn into people, All The Dead Girls Are Beautiful, basically everything gay, sea creatures, mixed-media, houses, The Lightness, daily vlogging, Eleuphoria, snapchat, stories told in quotes, An Index of How Our Family Was Killed, flash fiction, the texture of polyester, the smell of grass, and stories that defy explanation. 

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- All genres are accepted and encouraged.

- All styles, forms, content, & weirdness is accepted and encouraged.

- "Normal" formatting: readable font size and style, etc.

- 7,000 word limit.

- No identifying information on your document. 

- doc, docx, and pdf.

- If we need more information, we'll contact you.


- Simultaneous submissions are allowed; please withdraw if accepted elsewhere.

- Multiple submissions are allowed. 

- Print copies for purchase and free digitally.

- We charge a $15 fee to read and help cover contest payments (believe us, we're far, far in the negative as far as making money goes. 

-We only accept submissions via Submittable.

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