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In a flash, everything is changed.


The Atomic Bomb. Capable of obliterating everything. Entire cities and neighborhoods, vaporized. Minds, altered. Nature's power rearing up to her full, gnashing height. 

That's what we want from flash fiction for our contest.


To feel the heat of language melt our faces.

For your story to encompass the entirety of the horizon, and change our landscape irrevocably.

For the radiation of your poetry to clatter in our minds for years after reading it.


So send us your detonations. Your Ground Zeros. Your radiations and your fallouts.


Nuke us with your writing.  

Suburbia Issue V Pages (1).jpg


Suburbia Issue V Pages (13).png
Suburbia Issue V Pages (14).png

- All genres are accepted and encouraged.

- All styles, forms, content, & weirdness is accepted and encouraged.

- "Normal" formatting: readable font size and style, etc.

- 1,500 word limit.

- doc, docx, and pdf.

- If we need more information, we'll contact you.


- Simultaneous submissions are allowed; please withdraw if accepted elsewhere.

- Multiple submissions are allowed. 

- Print copies for purchase and free digitally.

- We charge a $9.99 fee to read and help cover contest payments.

-We only accept submissions via Submittable.

Suburbia Issue V Pages (15).png
Suburbia Issue V Pages (16).png

Results Released:

Suburbia Issue V Pages (18).png
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